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The state of California is renowned for its comfortable and welcoming weather. And if one California cities climate could be considered a fine example of that, it would have to be the weather of San Diego California. The climate in san diego california could best be defined as balmy, boasting an average temperature during  January of 57 degrees and an average of 72 degrees during one of the hottest months of the year, August.

A Better Climate in San Diego, CA

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One of the contributing factors to the wonderful weather of San Diego is a weather phenomenon known as the Santa Ana Winds. They commonly occur during most winter months and the summer month of August. They are considered a Katabatic Wind which means “flow downhill” because they pass through the mountains east of San Diego in a sloping, downhill fashion.
But What About Rain?
San Diego has roughly forty days a year of precipitation, while the rest of North America will typically see over a 110 days of precipitation a year. That’s nearly one-third less. And to top that off, snow is nearly non-existent; it’s so uncommon that a snowy day in San Diego is viewed as a oddity.
The San Diego Climate Varies
Due to variations of the area's elevation, one could experience a range of climate changes over a rather short distance. This is common in Southern California cities such as San Diego and shouldn’t be considered to be an inconvenience, but a rather a benefit. One could technically travel a short while to find weather more to their liking, hot or cold, in any direction.
And How About the Ocean?
The average water temperature off the coast of San Diego is 65 degrees. The coolest month for the water in January is at a pleasant fifty-nine degrees and it reaches its highest temperature in August at a refreshing seventy-two degrees.
One of the “Coolest” California Cities
That said, the climate in san diego is one of the best, most temperate and predictable ones, not only in California, but in all of North America. Living there has its benefits, some could even say the weather is the best one.

Mission Beach Vacation Rental Seasons

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SPRING BREAK: First, we need to reiterate that this is NOT a party house. Read More →

SUMMER VACATION: We have had complaints from neighbors in the past about guests throwing parties or being loud late at night. Read More →

NATIONAL HOLIDAYS: We take this very seriously and you should too. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at any time. Read More →

FALL & WINTER OFFSEASON: If your group is loud and disrespectful, I will get a call from the neighbors and you will be asked to leave, forfeiting your deposit. Read More →
Availability Calendars & Standard Nightly Rates
Please be sure to browse all vacation rental property calendars and their respective standard rates before asking about extra discounts or lower rental rates. Our calendars reflect seasonal demand as well as availability - we update our listings and rates daily. Therefore, we do not haggle with our standard rates, adjusted monthly prices or accept requests for cheaper rates just because your chosen dates are available.
Daily, Weekly & Monthly Dynamic Pricing Policy
If you are looking for last-minute booking deals, then you've come to the right place! Our rental rates are automatically changed on each property calendar using our integrated dynamic pricing technology, and are already discounted from the standard annual rates calendar on a regular basis (pricing is always subject to change in real-time, up until the moment before confirming payment for your reservation). This means the listed rate is always our best and lowest offer at any given time, and if booked directly on this website the total price will reflect the lowest fees compared to booking our rentals on other sites like Airbnb or VRBO. Learn More → 

Seasonal Safety Tips & Local Beach Rules

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San Diego Beaches - Mission Beach Lifeguard Rules & Regulations

Lookup important information by clicking the links below to find anything regarding beach safety tips, local regulations, county resources, offical services hours of operation, dog leash rules, and more - Made available by the City of San Diego and Mission Beach Lifeguard Stations.

Resources From The City of San Diego:

Read more on the City of San Diego's official website →

San Diego Seasonal Guidebook

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Explore the most popular local activities, attractions and things to do in San Diego & Mission Beach! Read about the best Mission Beach activities for local and family vacations. View our top recommendations for the best San Diego activities and things to do; Discover popular water sports and outdoor recreation; Locate nearby beaches and find the best surf spots; Book a local guided tour, cruise or charter; Visit art museums & explore natural parks in the area; Read about eclectic culture centers, famous historic sites and more!


The Southern California subtropical climate in San Diego combined with consistent Mission Beach weather is one of the main reasons this city is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the nation. Beside the sun always shining along with comfortable temperature nearly every day, why would you ever need (or want) to be indoors?

With so much to do outside, it's no wonder San Diego has always been rated as one of the best geographical areas in the country when it comes to outdoor excursions, hiking, climbing, boating, skiing and almost all other recreational activities. 
Everything About San Diego Outdoors

With such good weather, it’s clear that there are more than a few fun and exciting things to do outdoors. Keep reading to learn about some of the san diego outdoors activities that everyone can enjoy.


For help planning your San Diego vacation, contact us today!

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Discover Mission Beach activities and other fun things to do in San Diego - Browse our list of favorite local attractions, places to eat, nightlife, entertainment, events, food and music festivals & more!

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Our team of expert vacation planners is passionate about showing guests a good time in Mission Beach - and it will be a pleasure for us to curate a vacation package exclusively for you and your group!


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Driving Directions: How to Get to Rent Mission Beach™

Enter: Island Court, San Diego, CA 92109 into your GPS. The condo is located on the corner of the Strandway and Island Court in Mission Beach. The Strandway is the alley between the Boardwalk and the condo. 

You can get to the condo by turning onto Santa Barbara Place off of Mission Blvd. Head towards the ocean and take a left onto the Strandway. Proceed down the Strandway until you reach Island Court. The building will be on your left. If you have a small, compact car you can pull into the garage from the alley located behind the Sandbar.

Parking Map of Mission Beach

Some garages in Mission Beach are too small to fit oversized vehicles, so here is a map of the available free overnight parking lots in the area:

Check calendars below for all Mexico & Mission Beach, San Diego vacation rentals:

Mission Beach Vacation Rentals

With hundreds of vacation homes nestled in the heart of all the action, this stretch of sand hosts an active beach and bayside subculture where you will find beach-goers from all walks of life running, swimming, skating, biking, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, or just straight chillin on the beach!

Rosarito Beach Vacation Rentals

Take a trip across the border and visit RMBs exclusive vacation rental in Rosarito, Mexico at the world famous K38 surf break! Our Rosarito vacation rental is located at Club Marena - a luxurious complex of villas and condos only an hour from Mission Beach! The condo features a unique ocean "pillow view" from the master bedroom looking out at the point break - meaning you dont even have to move your head off the bed when checking the surf in the morning!

Make the Most of Your Time in San Diego

San Diego is one of the best places to vacation in the United States, as tens of millions of visitors discover every year. Warm, welcoming, and laid back, San Diego seems to be made for relaxing and the enjoyment of natural beauty.

Fortunately, the city is well equipped to cater to the needs and preferences of visitors of all kinds. The best san diego vacation rentals range from beachside bungalows to spacious hilltop mansions with spectacular views of the sea. Choosing an especially appropriate place to stay in San Diego will ensure an even more satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Many Visitors Opt for San Diego Beach House Rentals

San Diego is probably best known for its glorious beaches, and there are excellent reasons for that. Naturally enough, many visitors incline toward rentals that put them in close proximity to the beach—a choice that rarely goes unrewarded.

Among all the various kinds of popular san diego vacation rentals, beach houses consistently top the charts. Some of the beach house features that visitors most often end up appreciating are:

  • Patios and balconies. Most beach houses in the San Diego area are designed to provide both beautiful views and easy access to the sand. Raised patios and second-floor balconies virtually ensure the former and make for perfect places to relax on. After spending an active day out on the water, time devoted to relaxing on a patio will feel that much more satisfying.
  • Open floor plans. Most San Diego visitors arrive with family members and friends whose company is always welcome. Beach houses with airy, open floor plans encourage a communal style of living that visitors almost always appreciate. Kitchens that blend naturally into adjacent living spaces make it even easier to entertain and enjoy spending time together.
  • Storage space. Many who vacation in San Diego each year enjoy sports like surfing, volleyball, and bicycling. Beach houses that feature convenient storage space for all the associated equipment and accessories make for even more pleasant and engaging experiences.

Choosing the Right Vacation Rental Company in San Diego Will Inevitably Pay off

There are plenty of companies in San Diego that make it easy to rent beach houses and other types of accommodations. Naturally enough, opting to rent from an especially capable, customer-focused source will make an enjoyable vacation more likely.

In fact, it will often be best to put just as much effort into the selection of a vacation rental company as into choosing a particular home to rent. That will make problems less likely and ensure rapid, effective resolutions to any issues that might arise.

The Best San Diego Property Management Specialists Are Always Ready to Help

As with other cities, property management agencies in San Diego embody a wide range of takes on the business. Some try to keep costs down however possible, while others are much more service-oriented.

Visitors will always be better off choosing a property management company that shows clear evidence of the latter approach. That will make it easier to resolve common problems like lockouts and broken appliances if they should interfere with a vacation.

Our San Diego Real Estate Services Make Visits to the Area Even More Enjoyable

San Diego has a great deal to offer to just about anyone who enjoys relaxing or being active in the sun. The area's virtually unrivaled climate and spectacular natural assets make it the preferred destination of more than 30 million visitors every year.

Finding the best possible place to stay in San Diego will make for an even more pleasantly memorable experience in every case. That includes making sure to rely on a real estate company that is well-equipped and committed to helping visitors enjoy everything San Diego has to offer.

For help planning your San Diego vacation, reach out to us at contact@ rentmissionbeach.com

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